5 News (Channel 5)

5 News is a broadcaster that is part of ITN as well as ITV and Channel 4 news, that first aired in 1997. The programme is a 30 minute show that is broadcasted at 5pm on channel 5, it is fronted by Sian Williams and it gives an outline of the main stories of the day. The programme has changed contracts between Sky News and ITN, before settling for ITN in 2012. The show relays a distinctive outlook on the national stories of that day .

The news agenda of the show is based upon the values of those who produce it, ITN. This is shown within the programme’s content as not only does it act as Channel 5’s flagship programme it also stands in line with other ITN produced news shows such as Channel 4 and ITV. However, this does not dictate the overall content of the show as 5 News is also known for their original style of covering the news by putting people at the heart of what they cover. With over 5 million viewers in 2016, they win over their audience which seems to be aimed at a British working class population which is of a small size compared to news programmes on a larger scale such as the BBC.  Therefore, this influences the stories which are chosen to be covered on the programme. For example the top story took up a lot of the programme’s content for 11th May 2017, consisted around the theme of the upcoming general election which will take place 8th June 2017, within the story it included what both Labour and Conservatives campaign strategies were and how the British public felt about it. This is an example of how 5 News aims to be a voice to and for its viewers, in contrast with news broadcasters such as the BBC who produce content for those interested in a global scale.

The Channel 5 news show’s reputation for taking an “innovative approach to television news”. 5 News ensures that the stories it shares meet this standard, which is why they focus on telling stories in a unique way. An example of this is through telling real life stories, as in the same programme as what the general election was covered in 5 News covered a story about the selling of fake diet pills online and how a women had been critically ill after buying them herself. This shows a contrast between the broadcaster and others such as BBC, ITV and Channel 4 who would not focus on abstract stories such as this due to the fact that they believe in enterprising rather then originality.

5 News at 5pm is presented solely by Sian Williams who has over 30 years of experience in the broadcast Journalism field, she brings a warm and colloquial feel to the pre watershed studio setting. This particular set up aids the programme as it ultimately gives off the bold and distinct image they wish to display. Which contrasts with ITV’s 6’o clock news which has two presenters to give a more formal and hard news feel. The 5 News format is more beneficial for a pre watershed audience as it gives off a sharp and straight to the point that an audience wants to see from the first evening news programme of the day.

An interesting aspect of the 5 News programme was that the main studio presenter, Sian Williams moved around the studio between each news story package and in some episodes can be seen talking to the field reporters live about the story they had covered. This enables the programme to highlight a relaxed feel and makes the programme more engaging to it’s intended audience.

Overall, 5 News is a down to earth broadcaster which works to their advantage. It’s news agenda’s primary focus on the people gives its viewers a perspective as well as reflecting their own opinions. It is unique and relays a format in which other networks are just not willing to offer. The authentic presentation of the programme allows not only a different experience compared to if they watched BBC News, ITV News or Channel 4 but at the same time complies with giving the audience a conventional story telling experience.