Lancashire Scouts want St George’s Day to be recognised more in the UK.

Lancashire scouts believe St George’s Day should be more recognised across the UK.

South Ribble’s scouting association gathered in Leyland town centre for another time to celebrate their annual St George’s Day Parade, Sunday 23rd April 2017.

St George’s Day is an important date to remember by the scouts as his qualities are what every good scout should reflect.

Skip Lis, Scout Leader for St Ambrose Church division, Leyland said: “The reason we celebrate St George’s Day is because he’s not only the patron saint of England, he’s actually our patron saint of scouting as well.”

Members of 52 groups in Lancashire including the Scouts, Cubs and Beavers all took part in the event.

The Parade began in its usual place St Mary’s RC Church, Leyland at 2pm, and after a half an hour church service the group walked to Worden Park to continue their precessions until 4pm.

The event saw a mass of people from the Leyland community line the streets to watch the scouts in action.

💥ST George’s Day Parade 💥
Sunday 23rd April meeting 1pm on the grass op. St Mary’s Church, Broadfield Drive.


Posted by Leyland St Ambrose Scout Group on Monday, 10 April 2017

Scout groups across Lancashire have prepared for the parade by advertising publicly through social media about the event and what activities will be going on throughout the day.

“All scout groups always advertise the St George’s Day Parade, as most scout groups now have multimedia; Facebook and Twitter, so they are all advertising all the activities we are doing throughout the day.”

Celebrations for the annual occasion have took place in Leyland for many years now as St Mary’s RC Church is the biggest church in South Ribble.


Leyland Labour Candidate uses Facebook Boost to win votes.

Labour candidate for Leyland uses Facebook Boost to get his message across to local voters.

Local election Labour Councillor, Matthew Tomlinson has talked about how he hopes his use of social media will sway voters in the local elections 2017.

In his election campaign this year the Labour councillor talked about how Facebook Boost has helped him gain more publicity.

Matthew Tomlinson, said: “If I pay Facebook a fiver, I can get up to 3,000 people seeing my posts.”

Now in the last couple of weeks of the election the Labour candidate will concentrate on this group of people as with 3,000 votes he can win the election.

“I’ve got the data so I now know who to go to, to get to vote and if I only get those people it will still be enough for me to win.”

Facebook has been the best method for the councillor since his campaign began in November 2016, and is an easier way for him to connect with his followers on a wider scale.

The councillor also uses other methods of social media such as Twitter to let voters know his daily schedule and his plans if elected another time.

Lancashire County Council elections will take place on 4th May with over 315 candidates competing for 84 seats in county hall.

“I do try to be an active, high profile councillor who has quite a good relationship with the local press, and I do try and get myself out there.”

Over the past couple of years has used methods such as Newsletters, Christmas cards and knocking on local resident’s doors.

“If I’m honest, you catch about 1 in 5 houses actually in, but we do leave a card at all the houses to let people know that if they have any issues to contact us directly.”

Since having Facebook boost Mr Tomlinson has been able to target his voters directly and has been able to react to problems and queries they have faster than when Facebook wasn’t his primary campaign material.

Matthew Tomlinson has been a member of the council for many years and has taken on roles for areas such as Cabinet member for Children, Young people and schools, as well as currently already being a councillor for Leyland Central in which he hopes to get re-elected for this year.

Just over a week to go until elections for LCC…..

Posted by Councillor Matthew Tomlinson on Wednesday, 26 April 2017